Hey there. I’m Savannah.

I’m a photographer for life-loving people that want more than just perfect, pretty photos. I want every session to be a memory-making adventure and I want to take photos that show off the essence of your unique relationship and love story.

Besides being a photographer, I’m a dog mom, coffee lover, and supporter of a good sweatpants and messy bun look. I’m an introvert for sure, but I love meeting fun people and trying new things. I’m also a bit of the hippie type and will geek out over crystals, astrology, and anything even mildly paranormal (tell me all your ghost stories, like now please.)



I don’t want you to just feel like another client.

We should be best buds by the time its all said and done.

I don’t have any interest in just being another photographer that will take your money, show up the day of your shoot or wedding, email ya some photos a few weeks later, and be on the next, never hearing from or seeing you again. If that’s what you’re looking for, thats great! But you won’t find it here.

I want to become your friend. I want to get to know you and your story. Tell me about your childhood, about your dreams and your struggles, about your dog. Please, please tell me about your dog. Cause I’ll for sure tell you about mine.

Friendships don’t happen over a couple emails back n forth. So let’s meet up, let’s get drinks, do something fun. Let’s hang out like friends do. Not only is it just friggin awesome when my clients become new friends, it also makes it a lot easier for them to get comfortable in front of my camera when they’re already comfortable with the person behind it.


Stiff poses and awkward fake smiles aren’t my style.

That’s not how you’d naturally act around each other, is it? So I’m not gonna photograph you that way.


I’d rather photograph the two of you interacting authentically and being yourselves.

Laughing at each others goofy faces and smirking at your inside jokes from 2 years ago.

Rolling around in bed like the mornings you just don’t wanna get up yet.

Trying to wrestle your way out of a tickle attack.


These are the kind of small and fleeting moments that you experience every day and wish you could hold on to forever. When you look back in 50 years, you won’t remember the feeling of standing in front of a camera cheesing for a photo. But you’ll remember how warm your face felt when the love of your life stroked your cheek and you turned red. You’ll remember feeling like you could fly when your person spun you in circles till you were dizzy. You’ll remember the carefree joy of galavanting through a city or a forest with your #1 at your side. Those are the things I want you to remember when you look back at your photos. I want you to feel all those feels come rushing back, not just smile at another pretty picture.