Hey there. I’m Savannah.

I’m a photographer for life-loving people that want more than just perfect, pretty photos. I want every session to be a memory-making adventure and I want to take photos that show off the essence of unique relationships and love stories of real humans. While I focus mainly on couples, I’m totally open to other types of sessions too! So if you’re vibing with my work and you’ve got a vision, hit me up ➞

Besides being a photographer, I’m the cliche dog mom, coffee lover, and supporter of a good sweatpants (or hippie pants…) & messy bun look. I’m tooootally an introvert, but I love meeting rad people and trying new things. Concert-going is one of my favorite things and I usually attend them with my badass mama.

I also can’t deny that I’m sorta a hippie type and may get a little *woo-woo* on ya. I will geek out over crystals, astrology, and anything even mildly paranormal (tell me all your ghost stories, like now please.) Im a big fan of yoga and self development. And given half a chance I would live in a van to travel without hesitation. It’s a life goal actually.


I like the imperfect.

I’ve learned to look at my own imperfections as endearing and that’s carried into my work and the way I look at other humans. I think flaws make things more interesting and hint at stories, & I love that about them.

Learn more about my work and style of shooting ➝